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mayapple ” ripening ” testing

June 30, 2010

so instead of waiting for the mayapples to turn yellow and drop

i figured i’d pick some and see if they ripen on their own

i decided to number 6 of these mayapples
in the background is 4 mayapples wrapped in newspaper


2nd year teasel

June 23, 2010

when this flower gets some color, i’ll try the leaves again

wild sarsaparilla testing

June 19, 2010

decided to head out to my wild sarsaparilla patch and dig some up. dug up about 10 feet of roots and brought them home. after a quick rinse in the kitchen sink, i set aside about 16 inches of good sized root and peeled off the outer brown ” skin ”

half of the 16 inches were cut into 1 inch bits with the remaining root being divided into two 4 inch pieces

tried a small piece raw, but found the outer root too stringy and the root core simply too hard

the two 4 inch pieces were further separated ( root core and outer root )

after a 6 min boil i found the outer root and root core simply too tough and  not ” chewable ”  at all

i’ll do some more research into different ways to prepare this root, and keep another 2 feet of root in my freezer for later experiments

milkweed preparation

May 14, 2010

so anyway, i may have euchered myself even before i started here, i placed the raw milkweed stalks/leaves in the fridge while i went to look up some milkweed info

anyway, i pre-boiled some water and then covered the milkweed parts below, i let it sit for 30 seconds, changed water and put it in the microwave again for 6 minutes

the end result was not exactly tasty

going thru my copy of ” Stalking the Wild Asparagus “,  it says that if you start with cold water, i guess the cold ” cause the bitter principle to become fixed in the cooked product ” , so again, i may have euchered myself when i put the milkweed in the fridge

yes, i’ll try again and bypass the fridge part

milkweed testing

May 14, 2010

grabbed a young milkweed this morning, just have to reread milkweed preparation

those are burdock stems beside the milkweed in pic 3

bull thistle testing 2

April 26, 2010

saw this on my bike yesterday, so i said ”   why not ”

once again, i put one in a 6 min boil ( twice ) and the spines were still stiff

had a few of these raw ( with rinse ) while i was de-spining them, had a few more after a 6 min boiling and the rest went into the freezer

burdock testing 2

April 22, 2010

trying some natural air drying in the window and different size stem cuts for freezing

teasel testing

April 20, 2010

figured i’d try the teasel leaves, teasel leaves  grow a ” spine line ” along the underside of the midrib

after one 6 min boil, the spines on the back of the midrib were still fairly stiff

tried 3 pieces of the cut teasel leaf, not palatable at all, and the teasel leaves i put in the freezer were redirected to the garbage

TEASEL LEAF > FAIL – ( i may try again in July/August )

burdock testing – young stems/leaves

April 17, 2010

tried some young burdock just now, not sure if they were 1st or 2nd yr

when i was letting out the hot water from both the stems and leaves,  i smelled a great fresh veggie smell from both

the stems were delicious as is, after only one 6 min boiling > PASS-   i put 2 stems in the freezer to see how they are later

the leaves FAILED  for ediblity, even after 2 boilings

GOOD NEWS is that there is burdock everywhere, so i’ll be doing this   2-3 times a week, i’ll try burdock root later on when i determine a 1st yr plant, and with all the burdock available, gotta find some way to dry/freeze it for future storage

still not sure if these were great or common burdock, will read up on the diff between the two

trout lily testing

April 16, 2010

will grab some young trout lily leaves this weekend for testing

i’ll wait till later in the season for the trout lily roots

did a 6 min boil with only 7 trout lily leaves, no problem with eating them, put the rest in the freezer for later