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2nd year teasel

June 23, 2010

when this flower gets some color, i’ll try the leaves again


teasel testing

April 20, 2010

figured i’d try the teasel leaves, teasel leaves  grow a ” spine line ” along the underside of the midrib

after one 6 min boil, the spines on the back of the midrib were still fairly stiff

tried 3 pieces of the cut teasel leaf, not palatable at all, and the teasel leaves i put in the freezer were redirected to the garbage

TEASEL LEAF > FAIL – ( i may try again in July/August )

teasel ?

April 4, 2010

pretty sure the rosette on the left  is teasel, won’t know for sure until it grows a bit

pic on the right is a teasel skeleton

not much info on the net regarding the leaves being edible

most teasel info is about the roots being used for medicinal purposes

later in the year i’ll try the edibilty test for teasel leaves