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June 30, 2010

finally broke down and bought some sling making rope

this GLOW IN THE DARK rope was actually cheaper than braided rope

followed the instructions in this youtube video

this is the easiest sling i’ve ever made, but i still have to see how it slings

and i’ll give it a whirl tmmw out in the bush


some plants id’ed

May 12, 2010

leaf 333 has been changed to meadow rue

purple flower 3 has been changed to lupine

been looking at hemp nettle pics online, pretty sure i have my own pic here somewhere

haven’t made a new header pic yet, i rather like the sunset one up there now

with all the time i’m spending out in the bush, i’m thinking of making/braiding a sling and giving it a whirl, maybe make one from the welding glove leather i still have here somewhere, plus i’d like to try my hand at braiding a whole sling