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drying update

July 1, 2010

took down the second string of milkweed leaves

found two leaves with some orange mold(?) on them

crushed the rest up with my hands and picked out the stems/midribs

i may use this as a topping for my tuna tmmw, we’ll see


swamp milkweed ?

June 24, 2010

this has got to be in the  milkweed family

” all natural ” sandwich

June 23, 2010

3 day lilies between two milkweed leaves

milkweed preparation

May 14, 2010

so anyway, i may have euchered myself even before i started here, i placed the raw milkweed stalks/leaves in the fridge while i went to look up some milkweed info

anyway, i pre-boiled some water and then covered the milkweed parts below, i let it sit for 30 seconds, changed water and put it in the microwave again for 6 minutes

the end result was not exactly tasty

going thru my copy of ” Stalking the Wild Asparagus “,  it says that if you start with cold water, i guess the cold ” cause the bitter principle to become fixed in the cooked product ” , so again, i may have euchered myself when i put the milkweed in the fridge

yes, i’ll try again and bypass the fridge part

milkweed testing

May 14, 2010

grabbed a young milkweed this morning, just have to reread milkweed preparation

those are burdock stems beside the milkweed in pic 3


May 4, 2010

possible milkweed here

although considered a wild edible, milkweed is not high on my list because of the multiple water changes needed