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brier berries ?

June 26, 2010

the leaf says some kind of brier, the long berry stalk/stem is interesting

and other brier-like leaves but no flowers/berries


mayapple flower

May 9, 2010

mayapple  flowers are out

when the berries come out, i’ll probably mark 2-3 and take daily pictures of each waiting for them to ripen

juniper ?

April 19, 2010

juniper being used as an ornamental in a parking lot down at the river

Rose Hip alley

April 7, 2010

a few years ago, i thought roses were only for Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversaries, but now, rose bushes are a food source

Rose Hip ally > abandoned railway track, between University and Wyandotte, an abundance of rose bushes here, hench the name Rose Hip alley

not sure what kind of rose these are

 JC alley, is the same railway track continued between University and Riverside

pic #5 is from a different location

berry gathering container

April 6, 2010

yes, i know i could i buy something for berry gathering but i decided to try this

whenever i need to ” modify ” some plastic, i used my backup soldering iron

the ” metal clips ” are from bicycle spokes