June 25, 2010

so i hung up some milkweed leaves to dry, i started with 4 but the first one i grabbed fell apart in my hand, so here’s the other 3 leaves

and then i crushed and rolled it up in my hands, and picked out the stems and midribs // in theory, all the nutrients should still be in the leaves

so i’m trying some more milkweed leaves and day lily flowers, and i put one day lily in a book


191 pictures in 3 1/2 hours

June 25, 2010

left the house at 9:30 am and got home at 1 pm

of course i took lots of extra doubles/angles because i don’t have a viewfinder, and i’m not trusting my ” point and shoot ” skills, and i can always blame the wind for any pics that don’t work out

614 pictures in the last 4 days and on 1 battery charge


June 25, 2010

saw this in a shallow ditch with some water in it


June 25, 2010

it’s hard to sneak up on these little guys

milk thistle ?

June 25, 2010

wild parsnip

June 25, 2010

the wild parsnip on the left is about 8 feet tall, with more in the background, i may go after this 8 footer for the roots

some of the close-ups were out of focus, i’ll get some more

there are concerns that some people may be sensitive to wild parsnip

maybe i’ll do some side-by-side pics with cow parsnip

the roots are considered edible ( i’ll find out later )

canada anemone

June 25, 2010

i put all anemones as non-edible

2V2 berry

June 25, 2010

until i can ID this berry, i’m calling it 2V2, from the 2nd pic

maybe bush honeysuckle ?

swamp milkweed ?

June 24, 2010

this has got to be in the  milkweed family

white frilly

June 24, 2010

saw this and i figured, why not ?