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thick stalk update

July 3, 2010

seems this”  thick stalk ” plant may be pokeweed

i’ll keep an eye on this and read up on whether i’ll try this as a wild edible


drying update

July 1, 2010

took down the second string of milkweed leaves

found two leaves with some orange mold(?) on them

crushed the rest up with my hands and picked out the stems/midribs

i may use this as a topping for my tuna tmmw, we’ll see

mayapple ” ripening ” testing

June 30, 2010

so instead of waiting for the mayapples to turn yellow and drop

i figured i’d pick some and see if they ripen on their own

i decided to number 6 of these mayapples
in the background is 4 mayapples wrapped in newspaper

silverweed is a runner

June 30, 2010

i’ve always thought silverweed grew in clumps like this, but i guess this ” clump ” is some form of cinquefoil

and i guess silverweed grows on a runner


June 30, 2010

i’m hesitate to harvest this purslane because i want some seeds for next year

catching some morning sun in my kitchen

one of two big purslane plants down by the river

there’s some smaller purslane in the landladys garden, i’ll grab those for eating

Purslane is one of my favorite edible weeds, just pick it and eat it raw

creeping charlie

June 26, 2010

this little ground creeper vine is everywhere

looks similar to young garlic mustard

mayapples still around

June 26, 2010

checked another of my mayapple spots and there were still plenty around

just waiting for them to turn yellow and drop


June 24, 2010

the first pic here is broadleaf plantain and pineapple weed

second pic may be narrowleaf plantain or english plantain

will get some more side-by-side pics later

references says to harvest the ” young leaves ” as the leaves may get too tough and stringy with age, right now, i’ve missed the ” young leaves ” stage on purpose and will try these plantain leaves for palatability

thick stalk = pokeweed ?

June 23, 2010

don’t know what this is . . . . . possibly pokeweed

whatever it is, it certainly has a thick stalk

” all natural ” sandwich

June 23, 2010

3 day lilies between two milkweed leaves