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June 30, 2010

can’t  find too much about this as a wild edible, although it is supposed to have  a laxative/purgative effect, when i do sample this, i’ll try some late at night

bindweed covers and grows on/over everything


brier berries ?

June 26, 2010

the leaf says some kind of brier, the long berry stalk/stem is interesting

and other brier-like leaves but no flowers/berries

2V2 berry

June 25, 2010

until i can ID this berry, i’m calling it 2V2, from the 2nd pic

maybe bush honeysuckle ?

swamp milkweed ?

June 24, 2010

this has got to be in the  milkweed family

white frilly

June 24, 2010

saw this and i figured, why not ?

spiderwort ?

June 24, 2010

duckweed ?

June 24, 2010

not sure if this is duckweed or not

i’ll grab some and give it a 6 min boil

curly legume

June 24, 2010

these pods would stretch out to maybe 8-9 inches

fine hairs on the pods give them a velvety touch

trumpet vine/creeper ?

June 23, 2010


June 22, 2010

first thought here was bee balm, a possible edible flower

EDIT: so i guess this is not bee balm, i’ll keep checking

thanks to YCC for ID’ing this flower as  cornflower