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wild parsnip

June 25, 2010

the wild parsnip on the left is about 8 feet tall, with more in the background, i may go after this 8 footer for the roots

some of the close-ups were out of focus, i’ll get some more

there are concerns that some people may be sensitive to wild parsnip

maybe i’ll do some side-by-side pics with cow parsnip

the roots are considered edible ( i’ll find out later )


wild sarsaparilla testing

June 19, 2010

decided to head out to my wild sarsaparilla patch and dig some up. dug up about 10 feet of roots and brought them home. after a quick rinse in the kitchen sink, i set aside about 16 inches of good sized root and peeled off the outer brown ” skin ”

half of the 16 inches were cut into 1 inch bits with the remaining root being divided into two 4 inch pieces

tried a small piece raw, but found the outer root too stringy and the root core simply too hard

the two 4 inch pieces were further separated ( root core and outer root )

after a 6 min boil i found the outer root and root core simply too tough and  not ” chewable ”  at all

i’ll do some more research into different ways to prepare this root, and keep another 2 feet of root in my freezer for later experiments

root-digging time

June 14, 2010

2nd year burdock stalks are up and chicory is everywhere

so it’s time to start digging for chicory roots and 1st year burdock roots

i’ll be digging up one of each, once a week, because i don’t know if/when the roots stop growing

after 8-9 weeks of digging, i should know if these roots keep growing throughout the summer or if they reach a set growth period and stop

still looking for another camera