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mayapple ” ripening ” testing

June 30, 2010

so instead of waiting for the mayapples to turn yellow and drop

i figured i’d pick some and see if they ripen on their own

i decided to number 6 of these mayapples
in the background is 4 mayapples wrapped in newspaper


mayapples still around

June 26, 2010

checked another of my mayapple spots and there were still plenty around

just waiting for them to turn yellow and drop

canada anemone

June 25, 2010

i put all anemones as non-edible

butterfly weed ?

June 24, 2010

if this is butterfly weed, THIS IS POISONOUS

nightshade – poisonous

June 22, 2010

yellow needle surrounded by 5 purple petals

deep lobed leaves

lupine ?

May 10, 2010

not sure what kind of lupine, and since some lupines are non-edible, this one will go under taboo / bad plants

jack in the pulpit

May 9, 2010

the root/bulb will be one of my taboo trys along with cow parsnip and mayapple

mayapple flower

May 9, 2010

mayapple  flowers are out

when the berries come out, i’ll probably mark 2-3 and take daily pictures of each waiting for them to ripen

virginia creeper

April 20, 2010

saw a few VC vines on some trees, this is also a companion plant for Poison Ivy, the last 2 pics may be a Poison Ivy vine

poison hemlock skeleton ?

April 13, 2010