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June 30, 2010

finally broke down and bought some sling making rope

this GLOW IN THE DARK rope was actually cheaper than braided rope

followed the instructions in this youtube video

this is the easiest sling i’ve ever made, but i still have to see how it slings

and i’ll give it a whirl tmmw out in the bush



June 25, 2010

so i hung up some milkweed leaves to dry, i started with 4 but the first one i grabbed fell apart in my hand, so here’s the other 3 leaves

and then i crushed and rolled it up in my hands, and picked out the stems and midribs // in theory, all the nutrients should still be in the leaves

so i’m trying some more milkweed leaves and day lily flowers, and i put one day lily in a book

191 pictures in 3 1/2 hours

June 25, 2010

left the house at 9:30 am and got home at 1 pm

of course i took lots of extra doubles/angles because i don’t have a viewfinder, and i’m not trusting my ” point and shoot ” skills, and i can always blame the wind for any pics that don’t work out

614 pictures in the last 4 days and on 1 battery charge

replacement camera

June 22, 2010

picked up camera # 2 yesterday

HP Photosmart M547 / 6.2 Megapixels / 2 gig SD card > $50

don’t know if i’ll be able to get the same close-ups i did with the Canon

wild edible ” seeds “

June 16, 2010

listening to internet radio, i always hear ads for heirloom seeds, so i figure, why not grab some seeds from the wild edibles that i come across

i already have a few plants lined up for seeds ( wild carrot, purslane )

i’ll stop by the dollar store and get some of those Day / Week  pill containers

I AM NOT A ” GREEN THUMB ” PERSON, but i figure, if i’m gonna take the time to search out and harvest these wild edibles, why not a little futurist thinking and grab some seeds too

update may 26

May 26, 2010

some friends of mine bought a house out in the boonies, and i was out there helping them get it ready


so i’ll see what i can do for another camera, i still have pics i haven’t posted yet, i’ll just see how it goes

not much rain here in the last 4 days, i’ll pick some burdock stems and see how they look after 4 days of little rain and lots of sun, and then i’ll grab some after we get a good rain

curious to see how the mayapple  flowers/berries are progressing

curious to see if any other berries are developing yet

will probably dig up some tiger lily roots/bulbs and try them

will make my usual wild edible rounds and see what, if anything, has changed

some plants id’ed

May 12, 2010

leaf 333 has been changed to meadow rue

purple flower 3 has been changed to lupine

been looking at hemp nettle pics online, pretty sure i have my own pic here somewhere

haven’t made a new header pic yet, i rather like the sunset one up there now

with all the time i’m spending out in the bush, i’m thinking of making/braiding a sling and giving it a whirl, maybe make one from the welding glove leather i still have here somewhere, plus i’d like to try my hand at braiding a whole sling

2 colors on one stem

May 10, 2010

these little guys caught my eye, sorry for the out-of-focus close-up

big ones

May 10, 2010

the biggest cow parsnip i’ve seen yet

a big cow parsnip leaf ( with 12 ich ruler for scale )

a long dandelion stem ( with 12 ich ruler for scale )

a big burdock leaf with edible stem ( with 12 ich ruler for scale )


May 8, 2010

the only bad thing about the Trillium is the young leaves should be picked/eaten before the flowers appear ( Peterson )

one of the main identifiers for me is the flower, i’ll take more pics of the leaves and see if i can find some Trilliums pre-flower