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sulpher shelf ?

April 19, 2010

hoping this is sulphur shelf ( CHICKEN OF THE WOODS )

second pic, looking down from the top, the big one on the right is about quarter-size


grow ob 19

April 13, 2010

took the pic on my bike seat

went back for more samples

grow-ob woodruff or galium mollugo ?

April 9, 2010

using the bread bag thingy for a marker, went back and replaced the bread bag thingy with a penny

have a separate post on cleavers

UPDATE with new pics, galium mollugo is supposed to have the offshoot,  coming out from a node

trying my first slideshow here

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time for grow-ob

April 5, 2010

grow-ob ( growth observation )

think i have the blog basics down, but now it may be time to pick out some known wild edibles and unknowns and start tracking their growth / changes, which is why i started this blog

still deciding if i should just make a loooooooong post for each grow-ob or make new posts for new grow-ob pics

will be using grow-ob as a tag and maybe label each grow-ob plant >

grow-ob 1   or   grow-ob burdock 1