wild sarsaparilla testing

decided to head out to my wild sarsaparilla patch and dig some up. dug up about 10 feet of roots and brought them home. after a quick rinse in the kitchen sink, i set aside about 16 inches of good sized root and peeled off the outer brown ” skin ”

half of the 16 inches were cut into 1 inch bits with the remaining root being divided into two 4 inch pieces

tried a small piece raw, but found the outer root too stringy and the root core simply too hard

the two 4 inch pieces were further separated ( root core and outer root )

after a 6 min boil i found the outer root and root core simply too tough and  not ” chewable ”  at all

i’ll do some more research into different ways to prepare this root, and keep another 2 feet of root in my freezer for later experiments


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