Milkweed > RAW

i have to preface this with a post from wareagle69

Asclepias syriaca

let me first acknowledge Samuel Thayer for what i am about to talk about, it was in his books that i have the reason to try this.
So the myth talks about common milkweed being bitter and having to boil it in three changes of water, not true.
I have eaten this many times this year raw. the first time was with allot of skeptsism though as i cut off the shoot and saw the familiar white milky substance i was not sure, so i dabbed it on my tongue, hmm not bad so i nibble, ok nothing, but what for an after taste ,nope, ok lets chew on it for a spell, hmm refreshing, lets try more.
And so it goes, as sam points out this myth statred with euell gibbons and maybe he ate the wrong stuff or just assumed it was like dandelion, not sure all i know is it can eat this w/o all the lost nutreints and pain of 3 changes of water


was just out on another ride/walk and i saw some milkweed and said ” why not ”

put a little dab of the milky sap on my tongue, not bitter at all
put a few more dabs on my tongue, no bitterness each time
so i grabbed about 8 leaves to take home
and while i was walking, i nipped off a quarter-sized bit of leaf and popped it in my mouth, raw
really nothing tastewise, but there was no bitterness at all
over the space of an hour, i had maybe 8 quarter-sized pieces of milkweed leaf, RAW

no ill effects or bad aftertaste so far

maybe later on today or tmmw, i’ll try an inch long piece of ” milky ” stalk

of the leaves i brought home, hung up 4 in the window to dry out
and put 2 ( one whole, one cut up ) in the freezer to play with later


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