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update may 26

May 26, 2010

some friends of mine bought a house out in the boonies, and i was out there helping them get it ready


so i’ll see what i can do for another camera, i still have pics i haven’t posted yet, i’ll just see how it goes

not much rain here in the last 4 days, i’ll pick some burdock stems and see how they look after 4 days of little rain and lots of sun, and then i’ll grab some after we get a good rain

curious to see how the mayapple  flowers/berries are progressing

curious to see if any other berries are developing yet

will probably dig up some tiger lily roots/bulbs and try them

will make my usual wild edible rounds and see what, if anything, has changed


milkweed preparation

May 14, 2010

so anyway, i may have euchered myself even before i started here, i placed the raw milkweed stalks/leaves in the fridge while i went to look up some milkweed info

anyway, i pre-boiled some water and then covered the milkweed parts below, i let it sit for 30 seconds, changed water and put it in the microwave again for 6 minutes

the end result was not exactly tasty

going thru my copy of ” Stalking the Wild Asparagus “,  it says that if you start with cold water, i guess the cold ” cause the bitter principle to become fixed in the cooked product ” , so again, i may have euchered myself when i put the milkweed in the fridge

yes, i’ll try again and bypass the fridge part

milkweed testing

May 14, 2010

grabbed a young milkweed this morning, just have to reread milkweed preparation

those are burdock stems beside the milkweed in pic 3

wild sarsaparilla ?

May 12, 2010

the leaves are on one stem/stalk, and the flowers/berries on a second stem/stalk

more catnip

May 12, 2010

four different spots now for catnip

yellow rocket / wintercress

May 12, 2010

yellow rocket in a burdock patch

single leaf

May 12, 2010

saw these ones in an open field

not hawthorne

May 12, 2010

a young honey locust or acacia ?

purple flower 4

May 12, 2010

white flower tree

May 12, 2010

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