no can opener – pt 2

had to try this again with a taller can ( 1.13 kg )

may use these cans for a Hobo Stove post later

#2 – used my Buck 471 to make the hole

#3 – used the $1 knife as a stop for leverage for the Buck cutting

#4 – used Buck as a stop and cheapie knive for cutting

found the cheapie knife better for cutting with the Buck as a stop


2 Responses to “no can opener – pt 2”

  1. wareagle69 Says:

    been thinking about that for a while, 2 knife system looks like it works well, any slivers at all?

    • wildedibles1 Says:

      no slivers

      i started the cut with the Buck 471, but found it was a little rough for the first 2 inches, then switched to the cheapo knife and the cutting motion went easier for the rest of the top

      i think the 1$ cheapie knife was more flexible when trying to follow the curve

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