burdock testing – young stems/leaves

tried some young burdock just now, not sure if they were 1st or 2nd yr

when i was letting out the hot water from both the stems and leaves,  i smelled a great fresh veggie smell from both

the stems were delicious as is, after only one 6 min boiling > PASS-   i put 2 stems in the freezer to see how they are later

the leaves FAILED  for ediblity, even after 2 boilings

GOOD NEWS is that there is burdock everywhere, so i’ll be doing this   2-3 times a week, i’ll try burdock root later on when i determine a 1st yr plant, and with all the burdock available, gotta find some way to dry/freeze it for future storage

still not sure if these were great or common burdock, will read up on the diff between the two


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