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bull thistle testing 2

April 26, 2010

saw this on my bike yesterday, so i said ”   why not ”

once again, i put one in a 6 min boil ( twice ) and the spines were still stiff

had a few of these raw ( with rinse ) while i was de-spining them, had a few more after a 6 min boiling and the rest went into the freezer


no can opener – pt 2

April 24, 2010

had to try this again with a taller can ( 1.13 kg )

may use these cans for a Hobo Stove post later

#2 – used my Buck 471 to make the hole

#3 – used the $1 knife as a stop for leverage for the Buck cutting

#4 – used Buck as a stop and cheapie knive for cutting

found the cheapie knife better for cutting with the Buck as a stop

burdock testing 2

April 22, 2010

trying some natural air drying in the window and different size stem cuts for freezing

surprise at Rose Hip alley

April 22, 2010

whatever this is, it came out of nowhere, or maybe i just didn’t notice it with all the burdock around

virginia creeper

April 20, 2010

saw a few VC vines on some trees, this is also a companion plant for Poison Ivy, the last 2 pics may be a Poison Ivy vine

teasel testing

April 20, 2010

figured i’d try the teasel leaves, teasel leaves  grow a ” spine line ” along the underside of the midrib

after one 6 min boil, the spines on the back of the midrib were still fairly stiff

tried 3 pieces of the cut teasel leaf, not palatable at all, and the teasel leaves i put in the freezer were redirected to the garbage

TEASEL LEAF > FAIL – ( i may try again in July/August )

opening a can without a can opener

April 20, 2010

what has this got to do with WILD EDIBLES

 nothing, but i was talking on another forum about the P-38 can opener and thought, what if there no can opener at all ?

thought i’d try > Buck 471 / $1 knife / added the big screw and butter knife to this experiment later on

the Buck 471 and $1 knife worked fine, a sharp edge helps, although i used a V can opener to start the cheapie knife

but the big screw and butter knife failed, scatches/marks on the bottom of the can are mainly from the screw and butter knife trying to get a grip for leverage, so now i have 3 opened cans of tuna and tuna juice all over my countertop

ASSUME OF COURSE, one doesn’t have a V can opener with them

and i’ll get some taller cans to experiment on later

juniper ?

April 19, 2010

juniper being used as an ornamental in a parking lot down at the river

cinquefoil ?

April 19, 2010

thought someone was growing pot out in the field when i saw this

sulpher shelf ?

April 19, 2010

hoping this is sulphur shelf ( CHICKEN OF THE WOODS )

second pic, looking down from the top, the big one on the right is about quarter-size